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Deborah Wells Biography Photo Deborah Wells Biography
Born: 12/21/1970
Aliases: Deborah Welles, Debra Wells, Noelle Budvar, Noelle O'Hores, Vivian O'Hara

Date of Birth: 12/31/1970
Born: December 31, 1970 Budapest, Hungary
Height: 5 ft. 9 in.
Weight: 111 lbs.
Hair: Brunette
Eyes: Brown
Breasts: 33B
Waist: 22"
Hips: 34"

Deborah Wells (born December 31, 1970 in Budapest, Hungary) is a former Hungarian porn star. She was active from 1989 to 2003. She posed for the German Playboy and a few months later she performed in a number of pornographic films released by Teresa Orlowski's VTO. In 1990, she had worked as a nude dancer for the Italian game show Colpo Grosso. She was featured in many adult films including Andrew Blake's Les Femmes Erotiques. She often performed along with French porn actor and director Christophe Clark.

Here is an actress who should m'attirer new readers. Indeed, that, nowadays, speaks calmly and without shame. This superb Hungarian silhouette began in the early 90 along with her boyfriend at the time Christophe Clark who will also direct a production VMD, offered to all. It was in France that began his career in which she turns most often to the late Michel Ricaud.

She earns very rapidly in popularity and expands its filmo the European continent Even in the most perverse, it retains the natural class which makes a hardeuses favorites at the time. Like many of its counterparts, she made the leap across oceans to work in the United States where she is running for both the very classy Andrew Blake for specialists gonzo anal, Anabolic for which it runs one of its rare gang bangs (pochette lowest). She shuttled between the USA and the old continent where it goes movies.

She briefly tries to achieve with an Italian film, matrimonio of interest, which is unprecedented in our country. The end of his long career ends in Italy, where she delivers without doubt the most beautiful films, particularly under the direction of maestro Mario Salieri in many award-winning films as Dracula or Viva Italia. It ends in 1998 with over a hundred videos to its credit.

I really liked, among other films of the beautiful, Offence of seduction, completely crazy remake of Silence of the Lambs. View brothel is also an excellent film, although, however, Deborah is - I think - the checkerboard pawn by a black actress sublime, Charlene Roben. Finally, I can only cite one that I most seen and reviewed, the Blue Venus, which is a remake of a classic, The Blue Angel with Marlene Dietrich, revised and corrected by Michel Ricaud. I must mention Passion in Venice, shot by the brilliant Joe D'Amato, who is perhaps not his best film, it's true, but which remains as worship as other works of great Italian director , The sides of Anthropophagous, "Emanuelle among cannibals, Gladiator's future and its Caligula!

World Wide Famous Porn Star Deborah Wells is the American name that this Hungarian Beauty got upon hitting the U.S. porn market. She chose the name after a chance business meeting with two business men in a New York restaurant one a self proclaimed marketing guru Mike Connley (now in Federal prison) and the other later to find out was a farmer / meat purchaser for Midwest meatpacking companies. Seeing the strange coincidence and the meat purchasers suave Sean Connery type of demeanor his name was Roger Wells, she felt the calling to submit her new name as Deborah Wells. Roger had said she reminded him of a former girlfriend he had courted while in the military.

She's a nice, dark-skinned strumpet with a nicely top-heavy body and a pair of the most gorgeous eyes in the industry. Deborah Wells has a wild, rough sexuality that manifests itself in some of the rawest sex scenes of recent years. This is one woman who knows how to get a partner excited.

Deborah Wells was a One of Best European Adult-Stars, often pairing with her real-life boyfriend Christophe Clarke, when she was approached by John 'Buttman' Stagliano during one of his Continental swings. Appearing as Deborah Wells, she turned in some white-hot hardcore scenes in his 'Buttman's European Vacation' and 'The Hungarian Connection.'

She soon decided to see just what the U.S. hardcore scene was all about, and came for an extended visit. Changing her name to the more easily spelled and pronounced Deborah Wells, she jumped into the Adult Biz with both feet and hasn't come up for air since. She's got a truly wild edge to her sex scenes, whether with groups.

Deborah Wells has that European flair for out-of-control and forthright sex, never backing down or denying what she wants. She's returned to Europe as of early 1995, but she continues to appear in the occasional stateside release.

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